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Interim Window Cleaning or Regular Service on Your Schedule

Commercial window cleaningDon’t you just hate looking out through dirty windows. As your janitorial service provider, Compass can regularly clean up to your second story windows. Compass regularly adds window service to our normal schedule of cleaning for many clients who want there windows cleaned more than your property management team provides. As a potential client approaches your entrance they see the windows and doors. If they are dirty, smudged and generally neglected it sends the wrong message and can cost you business. 

Compass regularly cleans the glass at your main entrance as part of our recurring weekly service, but often there are windows beyond the main entrance still clearly within view of your clients. A regular monthly cleaning of those windows can make a huge difference in the way you are presenting your business to the public.

Interior glass and mirrors for businesses like dance studios, gyms and other businesses where glass is a main part of the décor is also a major concern. Compass uses the newest technology available to eliminate streaks and spotting to maintain that crystal clear look.

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