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Post construction cleanupThe post-construction cleaning services provided by Compass Cleaning Solutions will insure your tenants are pleased with the result and your units are ready to re-occupy as quickly as possible.

If you are upgrading an office suite or an entire building we can provide you with the construction cleanup services you require. We offer post construction cleaning services as well as that all important punch list cleaning to make the office space ready for lease.

Have you had a tenant move out recently and need to detail the space for the next tenant after the TI is done? Whether it is a Tenant Move in or Move Out, Compass Cleaning Solutions can serve your needs. We respond quickly, usually within 48 hours, and leave the facility ready for whatever comes next.

Cleaning up after a large event can be much like construction cleaning. Getting the garbage out of the building and cleaning up the mess left behind requires a company who can do post construction type cleaning.

Why us:

  • Showers, bathrooms, ovens and refrigerators cleaned with green cleaning products
  • We can handle carpet cleaning or hard-floor preparation and finishing
  • We can provide mid-term construction cleaning
  • We can usually respond within 24-48 hours
  • Event cleaning of all kinds

What is Post Construction cleaning?

Space after constructionAre you a general contractor or have you hired one to remodel, build or do TI work? If so you know you will eventually need to have the space cleaned and prepared for occupancy. That is where post construction cleaning comes in.

There are different levels of post construction cleaning. The biggest, and first level of cleaning, requires large machinery and dumpster removal. This is not what we do. There is also a second level of cleaning for the entire interior space once all of the construction is complete. This is what we do, and we do it well. This includes windows, inside and out, vacuuming, dusting, floor finishing, cleaning any cabinetry and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. This type of cleaning requires attention to detail because a new tenant wants a pristine space to move into.

It is not uncommon to do several cleans prior to occupancy, either because construction is being done in one part of a building and tenants are continuing to work in another part, or simply because some cleanup is required in stages to keep the project on schedule. It is also common to have one clean prior to a walk through with the tenant and then another after, once a punch list is created and remaining construction items are addressed.

Having a janitorial company who is familiar with these types of schedules and used to last minute changes is helpful and can reduce the stress that contractors feel as they try to meet a deadline. Having a janitorial company who understands the process can also save you money due to penalties from missed deadlines. Working together is the best way to insure a smooth and profitable process.

Scheduling can be a challenge when multiple contractors are involved. Typically the General Contractor is the one managing the schedule so they would be the most logical contact. The GC knows all the vendors and more important knows the schedules that allows them to organize the final cleaning.
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